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A music based app for sound hypersensitivities as seen in Autism.
Special Pricing in support of World Autism Month and worldwide release!

ALBUQUERUE, NMApril 8, 2019 – Problems in sound processing are common features of many developmental and learning disorders, including autism spectrum disorders, dyslexia, and ADHD. For some children and adults, sounds from vacuum cleaners, thunder, crying babies, and other sources may cause extreme discomfort and distraction. adAPT – advanced Auditory Processing Training is a music based system for guiding the brain to become a better processor of auditory information. adAPT normalizes brain activity patterns, reduces sound hyper-sensitivities and can lead to improvements in behavior. The app is intended for both kids (5+) and adults with problems in sound processing and have sound hypersensitivities.

adAPT involves listening to specially modulated music for 4 weeks with two 30-minute session per day for 5 days per week. Specially chosen music is included with the app, with modulation and playback completely automated within the app.

Availability and Cost:
In support of World Autism Month through April 2018, adAPT is available NOW for AndroidTM on Google Play and the Amazon App Store worldwide for a special pricing of only US $15 ($150). For links to the app store please visit:

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How does it work?
"Music provides us with a powerful and non-invasive medium to tap into the brain’s ability to re-wire in response to external environmental cues", says Dr. Jeffrey Lewine, CEO of CADET NM Inc. Developed with funding from Cure Autism Now and the National Institutes of Health, adAPT is an intervention that involves listening to specially modulated music. The music modulation profile for adAPT is explicitly based on over 15 years of neuroscience research by the team of scientists at CADET, the company behind adAPT. Their study indicates that adAPT normalizes aberrant brain activity, reduces sound sensitivities, decreases irritability and behavior problems, and improves general auditory processing. Their on-going research includes the use of advanced brain imaging methods which is available through the Mind Research Network in Albuquerque, New Mexico. A white paper describing this research is available on their website (

CADET NM Inc., the company behind adAPT was founded by a team of neuroscientists who believe that neuroscience research should not be confined just within the labs but should ultimately reach the hands of people who need it the most. Their primary guiding principle is to make sure that the products are backed by rigorous research and clinical testing for safety and efficacy. Please visit for more information about the company and their team or write to if you have any questions about adAPT.


If you would like more information or have any questions, please contact us:
Jeffery Lewine, Ph.D. -- CEO, CADET NM Inc.
Nitin Bangera, Ph.D. -- CTO, CADET NM Inc.
Phone: (505) 252-1153